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No car, no license, no job, no money, no cell phone, sleeps on couch, doesn't pay rent, smokes to much reefer, has faggalicious friends, short, small genitalia.
"That was a Gaybe Move"
by Kaitie Taylor January 22, 2008
An amazing fella who is confused about his 'feelings' for his bestfriends.
Adam, I shall now call you "Gaybe" because of your homosexual desire to sleep with Kane.
by Starbow*Stace July 25, 2003
a welcher, someone with poor spelling and grammar skills, a braggart
That guy was such a gaybe. First he made a bet, then he refused to pay up. What a gaybe!
by Anonymous May 15, 2003
Not nessiarly meaning you are homosexual, more like saying retard,gay,idiot,loser..etc
If someone does something stupid or says something you can call them a 'gaybe'.
"Omggggz I lyke just poked you in the stomach aHahahhaa i'm so good"
by Lauren Y May 27, 2005
Soutmans bitch on all fours
by Soutman November 04, 2003
What stace calls me
"hello gaybe"
by Gaybe (duh) July 25, 2003