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someone that is a big bag of homosexuality
Matt is such a gaybag, i'm embarassed that he's my brother.
by tengoku September 14, 2004
1.) One who says inappropriate things to another at an inopportune time concerning awkward topics that would normally be tasteless in any other circumstance. 2.) An individual whom likes homosexual things but claims to be a heterosexual person. 3.) Previously refered to by Scotsman as "MT" which in Old Scottish means, "Mar Ytan-Ory" literally refering to the sac of a castrated goat.
1.) She was such a gaybag when she was talking last night in bed. 2.) That person looked at the "stupid" tiger and claimed they were not a gaybag, but we all knew the truth. 3.) Hey MT, you are a gaybay.
by scotish October 11, 2006
1. A extremely homosexual man (faggot). A mix of gay and douchebag. 2. One who is not gay, but enjoys the gay ways (Metrosexual)
Sunny thinks here brother is a gaybag.
by pwnerpwner326 April 22, 2011
1. A homosexual man who continually has anal sex preformed on him by his partner who consistantly ejaculates in his ass. This action in turn makes his anal region a holding pen for seamen or "gay bag."
2. Someone who is the embodiment of an asshole. Also acceptable: "Queer Sandwich," "Queer Bait," "Fag Face," "Turd Salad," & "Eskimo Fucker."
WOW ! That kid Mike is a huge Gay Bag!
by S dot January 11, 2005

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