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1. State, quality, condition or degree of being gay.

2. gayness

(Not to be confused with "gaiety", a state of joyful exhuberance.)
That's so goddamn gay, its gay-ity is off the charts.

"He took me to his gay animal sanctuary, where he showed me all about the wonders of gay-ity."--South Park
by Taylor Keenan February 14, 2004
noun \ˈgā-ə-tē\ A combination of two words "gay" and "gaiety" respectively meaning "homosexual" and "high spirits". Used to denote one's happiness with one's own sexuality, specifically if one is gay.
We high-fived over our mutual gayity.
by skigrl88 April 11, 2011
The measurable amount of or level of gayness within a person, place, or thing.
The movie "2 fast 2 furious" is so gay, it's amount of gayity could never be measured.
by oni June 14, 2003
gayity is used to describe different levels of gayness
you see that male rapper kiss that other rapper on the lips? that was a level 10 act of gayity. the highest level of gayness
by spitts mcman October 07, 2011
A suburban african american mother's name for a gay lesbian or bisexual person.
"That gayity is kissing another man", "Is he a gayity?"
by Timothy L. August 07, 2006
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