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(GAY-speek)n. communication between homosexual males (usually in private) who speak in a familiar manner that comes across, initially ,as polite discourse but it is usually loaded with rancor and/or sarcasm

Tod: "Hey Queen. Don't you look lovely today"
Ted: "Thank you Miss Thing! I do don't I?"
Tim: "You two are a real mess."
Tod: "What's her problem? Didn't get any last night?"
Ted: "Whatever! The bitch thinks she's all that..."
Tim: "You girls work my nerves with all that gayspeak. You sound like a couple of black women."
Tad: "You know what they say honey: Trapped inside every gay man is a black female entertainer."
Tim and Tod: "Thank you honey!"
by Nedd Ludd September 30, 2005
crappy fucking talk used by losers who never see the sun, have annoying voices, and PwN nOoBs in counterstrike. example:
zeal whatever the fuck your name is: ROFL LOOK AT ME 1 34T 5-1T \003!?!@>#<!$@!!!11
by NaotaXL August 25, 2004
dis iz gai sp33k! I m sp3akn9 9ay5p3ek! i aM Da MaN!1112 i cAN KiLL yuO!!1 WaSh Me RyD mA VEHiCle!111`
<Contradicted> tEh PpLz @ JiPpii.c0m r fagz! DeY sp33k gai spe3|<!!!!!!1
<MuchoKoolo> You are such a colon-head.
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 29, 2003
ALso known as leet speak, an art that takes normal words and replaces the leter with ASCII characters that resemble the letters of the word
1337 - leet
Roxor - |20><0|2
by *********** March 29, 2003
Some odd speech used by random people that are either cool or nerdy.
5|-||_|7 7|-|3 |=|_|(|< |_|? |_| |)|_||\/||3 455 |_||\|1337 |)|(|<|-|34|)!!! = Shut the fuck up u dumb ass unleet dickhead!!!
by Tha guy April 24, 2005
Also known as netspeak, it aint gay, jus because someone has pissed you off by talking in it and you cant understand it doesnt make it gay.

so in short:

5|-||_|7 7|-|3 |=|_|(|< |_|? |_| |)|_||\/||3 455 |_||\|1337 |)|(|<|-|34|)!!!
I kin speak 1337 n u cant, u uneducated n00bs!
by Zeal valentine November 12, 2003
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