messed up mother fuckers of the same sex sticking thier dicks in each other
Many people ingage in gaysex.
by Bob Leevey March 04, 2003
If you don't know, ask somebody.
I had so much gay sex last night, when I farted it sounded like this: "whoooooooooosh"
by Wang Delicious January 28, 2003
The kind of sex that hurts real bad inside your butt or tastes yucky going down your throat. Or at least I've read that or saw it on TV or something. Because I'm not gay, and neither are you. Never mind.
Gay sex is gross. Felching is obnoxious.
by Assex 776 December 06, 2007
When Joey shoves his hard cock up Billy's poopy butt hole and then cums which stimulates Billy's prostate and Billy starts pooping blood out his rear end and Joey's all like "HOT DAMN MUTHAFUCKA THAT TASTES GOOD!!!"
Gay sex is like so yummy oops I'm just kidding hehe.
by Evster February 10, 2005
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