For me, it's about two men having sex and really enjoying their bodies.
There is nothing I like better after a hard day at work than coming home, getting undressed and feeling my boyfriend's dick up my ass. Gaysex is great!
by Jonathan June 21, 2004
the best time of my life. when a guy sticks it in you it is the most outsanding feeling. or jus stick a drumstick in your ass if noone you know is gay. (thats what i have to do)
gay sex is fun
by The gay man December 01, 2003
when two men love each other and one sticks their penis in the other's rectum. And then jack off's the one taking it.
eg. Andrew Sharp and Andrew B. make a good couple. They have unprotected gay sex in whic sharp sticks it in b's rectum. Glad the both of them found each other at Mich. State. :D
by BSharpMSU20091987 December 21, 2010
its great. i like it when their so so very hot and greasy and i can lick it off their bodies. wow. my voice is breaking at the thought of it.

mmm. durex
kemptastic, i like sucking kempino sweets. im so camp, i mean kemp
by kemp January 19, 2005
When two people of the same gender use their reproductive organs to pleasure each other.

Male 1 sucks Male 2's penis. Then, Male 2 sucks Make 1's penis. Male 1 then licks Male 2's asshole. Male 1 then puts a condom on his penis and puts lubricant on his penis and Male 2's asshole. Male 1 inserts his penis into Male 2's asshole carefully. After awhile, Male 1 violently penetrates Male 2 rapidly. A long time after that, Male 1 quickly takes his penis out of Male 2 and produces semen all over Male 2. Then Male 2 produces his semen on Male 1.
Male 1: "Let's have gay sex!"
Male 2: "I've been waiting for to say that!"

Male 1: "Oh yeah! Suck my dick! Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Yes! Yes!"
Male 2: "Fuck me!"
Male 1: "Oh yeah! Yeah! Yeah! And Boom goes the dynamite!"
by Crop Dusting June 26, 2014
The sex that is had between two individuals when their genitals don't naturally interlock.
When you have gay sex, you make due with the parts that you got.
by Big-Baller Boner Bill August 04, 2008
basically, a willy up a bum
homo juhgjhguhgefahbgsdlsh ds ds GAY SEX
by Gay bastard Bob February 04, 2008

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