Hitler can fuck his cow all he wants to.
But he should never be allowed to marry it.
by Dave Foley February 19, 2005
I don't know any republicans or people who go to church and everyone I know says the same thing gays should certianley not be allowed to adopt kids and gay marriage is making a joke of marriage
3 years ago sodomie was legalized in new york state now they are talking about gay marriage
by NLR718 July 09, 2006
gay marriage is a concept of 2 people of the same sex getting married. It is completely nonsensical.
gay marriage is not a civil right, but a special right. After all, the rules for marriage are ALREADY the same for EVERYONE:

1 single consenting male adult + 1 single consenting female adult

there you have it, that rules applies to everyone. And to any gay man wanting to get married: find yourself a good woman because that is what I would have to do as well. We are completely equal, I couldn't marry another guy either.
by anti-communist/anti-fascist May 25, 2006
I'm kind of 50/50 on gay marriage. On one hand, gays get the same marriage rights as straights; they just choose not to use them. On the other hand, America is the country of freedom and stuff.
I say leave this one up to each state to decide its own gay marriage laws.
by Party Pooper April 02, 2005
Marijuana will never be legal.

Therefore gay marriage should never be legal in a trillion eternities.
Marijuana smokers are opressed man,when butt plunkers get more respect than them.
by What is the world coming to? March 23, 2005
Republicans and Democrats having anal sex together!

Clinton and Bush are fuckin eachother!!
I think those two fags are in the same coven or something.
Marriage is NOT a right granted by the state.Marriage is a religious ceremony uniting one man to one woman in "holy" matrimony.Why do you think they call it "holy" matrimony? It's religious!
God commanded to keep marriage sacred and holy and between one man and one woman.

The state only got their greddy little paws in on it so that they could make money off of selling marriage licenses because they horned in on it as a financial angle by insisting that people must have blood tests and a marriage license so that the state can rip you off and raise revenues for fat asshole politicians to pocket.
It is you GAY MARRIAGE people and all of those who support you who are the bigots,discriminaing against the Judeo-Christian institution of "HOLY" matrimony.And the state is also interfering with our religious beliefs.

please publish this definition it is important in this discussion/debate (don't discriminate)
by Quit discriminating us. May 31, 2005

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