Official public recognition of the fact that one man has committed himself to shoving his dick up the shithole of his partner and no other. That way they can keep their virus infected dicks from spreading throughout the community.
Thanks to gay marriage I can now suck my partners fecal-coated dick and still be covered by his company medical plan for my annual disease screening.
by Rick V July 10, 2008
When faggots get married in San Francisco. The gay marriage ceremony involves 2 faggots oiling each other up and then pumping each other up the ass like New Kids on the Block did to Marky Mark before he was a star. Then the faggots celebrate by coming all over each other and smearing it all over each other. Lesbians celebrate by eating out (wink, wink).
Ja Rule: Hey Dre let's go to San Francisco, we can get a gay marriage!
Dr. Dre: I ain't gonna marry you, I'm a Doctor you ain't shit.
Ludacris: But, but I don't like women, amma go write another love song with Ashanti...(runs away crying like a girl)
by TruthMaster July 10, 2008
This isn't a social issue. It's an economic issue. Sure, people believe it's a social issue, but politics doesn't. The reason conservative politicians want to ban gay marriage is because if homosexuals get married, they, according to the conservatives, will demand minority status, and get the benefits of being a minority, which will cost more money. See, it doesn't have anything to do with your views.
Some Person: I'm for gay marriage
Me: Why
Some Person: Because homophobia is wrong.
by H0useMaster July 14, 2005
A tool used by homosexuals to pretend their relationship is equal to conventional marriage between a man and a woman. Gay marriage is NOT marriage, but is just another form of social decay and a perversion of marriage itself.
A Constitutional ammendment defining marriage between one man one woman is necessary in today's society to forbid gay marriage in our society.
by krock1dk May 19, 2008
A so-called "marriage" involving couples of the same sex, trying to emulate real marriages that involve members of the opposite sex. Gay marriage is not a marriage at all, but a perversion (driven by lust and nothing more) of what marriage was intented to be: holy matrimony between ONE man and ONE woman as the Bible teaches, no matter what the ilk of the politically correct, liberals, gays, politicans and the courts believe. These groups of people may support and allow gay marriage all they want, but God forbids it. Period. Read the Bible!
Gay marriage is, naturally, a very divisive issue in American culture and politics. Unfortunatly, it's going to take a Constitutional ammendment defining marriage between one man and one woman to preserve the family (the building block of society) and the institution of marriage if we want our culture to survive. Gay marriage should be outlawed. A person being gay is between them and God, but to force it on the rest of us by changing the institution of marriage is immoral, selfish and wrong.
by krock1dk May 23, 2008
OMG homosexuals are gay!!
That's it.I'm not voting Democrat anymore.
by Searching for a third party. March 14, 2005
Specifically, an oxymoron. Because marriage is a biblical term (the context of which being the sacred union of man and woman), gay marriage is doomed right out the gate. The definition is, quite literally, set in stone.

What people don't seem to realize is that there is no religious precedent for gay marriage. Whether it be Judaism, Muslim, Christian, Catholic, Protestant, Hindu... Incidentally, I'm not so sure about the Innu policy on this, but if you're interested, find a fuckin' Eskimo. It's not that gay marriage is illegal, it's just that it's being defeated by semantics. If gay people wanna get married, then they should go write themselves a document and erect themselves a church in Toronto or Massechusets or Somerset or something. And not California, either- it's about time L.A. got it's game up, because New York's been using it as it's royal shitrag for years now.
Church of Gay Marriage: Fuck me, I'd go too, if just for the dancing.
by Gravitas June 16, 2006

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