I'm not going to get into the whole religious side of this issue, I don't know enough about the old and new testaments to be able to back up what I say about those. At least I'm intelligent and wise enough to not go making stuff up just to suit my purpose. I'm not religious, but I was raised in a methodist church, so I know a little about tolerance. I generally look down on close-minded people who refuse to think about why they believe what they believe. But! That isn't the point of this.

The real point of this is that some conservatives say gays have the same marriage rights as straights. Any one consenting man is allowed to marry any one consenting woman, regardless of sexual orientation. But that's not actually equal rights. Gays are being denied the right to marry someone they're attracted to, someone they'd want to marry even if given the choice of any human partner. Straights can marry someone they're attracted to, why can't gays?

I know enough about christianity to be able to tell for myself that neither god or Jesus wrote the bible. People, <i>christian</i> people wrote it. Jesus taught tolerance, forgiveness (The whole seventy times seven thing? Matthew 18:21-2. Yeah, I've read the bible), and universal love. He condemned grudges and all that promoted the idea that someone was better or righter than another. Jesus is the prophet of christianity, the main figure. Not god. It's called christianity after Christ, it's not called Godity. God's word can be interpreted how you want, but Jesus, assuming he was a specific person, said concrete things that should not be skewed for your own benefit.

God is wrathful, Jesus was not. This religion is supposed to be about what Jesus said, how HE related to god. Why does no one know this any more? They get so wrapped up in carring out "god's will" that they forget that they are subject to it too. What happened to Jesus's will and ideals?
"But when you give a feast, invite the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed, because they cannot repay you. You will be repaid at the resurrection of the just."
~ Luke 14:13 &14

"Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God"

Gay marriage and seperation of church and state:Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s?”
~ (Matthew 22:21)
~ Matthew 5:9
by JakeNotCliff September 19, 2007
A union between two people who live each other.
I don't understand this argument: "IF GAY MARRIAGE IS LEGAL THEN THEY'LL TURN EVERYONE GAY AND WE'LL GO EXTINCT." The people who use this argument are the same ones who say homosexuality is a choice. Well, that's a bit of a paradox, isn't it? If it's a choice, then how can anyone "turn other people gay"? What... all of a sudden it's contagious?

I understand that the Bible is against homosexuality, and anyone is allowed to hate gay people... but your beliefs canNOT influence government policies. It blurs the line between church and state.

It is not the American way.

The sanctity of marriage, for all those who are worried about that, is beyond repair at this point. People follow celebrity marriages like they're a sport or a reality show, not a holy ceremony. Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez treat marriage like it's a joke. MORE THAN HALF of marriages today end in divorce. Now, is gay marriage really going to hurt the institution?

(Churches and other religious institutions cannot legally be forced to perform gay marriages, by the way.)

Gay people cannot and will not "turn everyone else gay." It is a ludicrous to assume that gays have some sort of hypnotic grip over other people's sexual orientations. There is nothing to fear; homophobes are entitled to their beliefs, but beliefs are merely personal opinions that have no place in our government of FREEDOM. Keep your beliefs to yourself, and let two loving people get married.
A union between two people of the same sex who love each other. Marriage is a symbol of love between two people, gender and sexual orientation should be irrelevant. However, gay marriage is an issue people are taking up due to their deep-seated religious beliefs and homophobia, which are sometimes one and the same.

"All marriage does is legitimize children, and allow serious repurcussions if you beocme divorced. Gays shouldn't care if they can marry, because they can still love some if they aren't officially married, and they can't have children."

I suppose I should inform the numerous gay parents out there (some of which I know personally) that they're not allowed to be parents. And if this is truth, then you should also deprive gay parents from adopting children which is legal. And I suppose you should take away the privelege of marriage licenses to all the atheists. If gay marriages are sacrilegious, then so are married atheists. And you should take away all the marriage licenses of all of the heterosexuals who married with no intent to reproduce for whatever reason (physical, emotional, financial, personal, etc).
I cheered on gay marriages at the Civic Center of San Francisco.
by Akasha Tsang March 02, 2004
A matrimonial union between two people of the same sex. The passage of gay marriage in the US signifies that society is tolerant towards the love of two people and that people should be free to love whoever they choose.

Thankfully though, we still selectively discriminate against and show hate towards people who may be in a consenting, adult incestuous relationship (Patrick and Susan Stubing of Germany) and against people who prefer intimate relations with animals. Those people should never be free to love whomever they want because that is just disgusting and wrong. ew.
Most people who support gay marriage are actually hate-filled hypocrites.
by Markwonder January 07, 2011
Once a reality in Shah Reza Pahlavi's Iran.
Mahtab: Will you marry me?
Zohreh: I would but I'm pretty sure our islamo-facist overlords would kill us.
by 100proofsoul May 25, 2007
Something that should be between a man and a woman.
If you believe the governor of California, who proclaimed this edict on gay marriage
by AnnieBananniee October 01, 2009
Something that the government cannot administer under Constitutional law, neither can they administer opposite-sex marriages.
Why doesn't anybody realize that the US government administering any type of marriage, (be it gay marriage or not) a traditionally *religious* institution, violates separation of church and state?
by RHS Student February 18, 2005
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