Marijuana smokers should be allowed to marry their bongs and masturbators should be allowed to marry their hands before gays should ever be allowed to marry or even be considered being allowed to.

I mean as long as we are handing out special rights for stupid behaviour choices then atleast smoking pot and masturbation is more normal than queers.
Pot smokers should get a fuckin parade and it should be supported by the pc crowd long before an anal sex/cunnilingus parade.I mean fuck,why don't we just throw a fuckin parade for pimps and hookers.
by it's okay to kill child molesters January 30, 2005
you arent born gay. thats impossible. if your born male, you're gonna like females. males turn gay cause their mother babied them when they were young, or they hung out with females all the time when they were kids.

and this is why gay marriage should be banned. if you can turn gay, then you can turn straight again.

leave us straights alone. we've banned gay marriage and thats the end, so stop your whining.
imagine yourself a straight kid being adobted by faggots, how would you feel?
by 555 April 26, 2005
the most ridiculous thing i ever heard.

30% of the white population is gay

while 5% of the black population is gay

so you can see that they choose to be gay and they are not born gay. so thats bullshit if you think people are born gay.

if gays should be alowed to get married then why not let humans and animals get married to each other, or maybe getting married to a plant or furniture hmmm?
gay marriage is a joke
by dude ur gay April 19, 2005

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