What Kanye West is.
Do you like fishsticks?
What are you a gay fish?
by Zambal September 27, 2009
word associated with Kanye west from a southpark episode or Cam Fish
oh hey look its a gay fish
by Frankenstein Rockafella May 21, 2009
A gay fish is someone who simply doesn't get it. This person may believe that they are an expert on a topic ( and in some cases they may actually be) however more often than not they will just be feigning intelligence in order to look more important.
Sarah: I am an expert on foreign policy because I can see Russia from my house!

Joe: Damn, the female gay fish.
by Captain Caveman III September 21, 2009
Word Derived From South Park
1)Do You Like Fish sticks?

2)Love Em'

1)So you like putting fish sticks in your mouth?

2)All deh time

1)Then your a gay fish.
by Luke147258 May 01, 2009
Someone who's ego is out of control. Examples include: Kanye West, Bono, and your best friend.
"Hey, what's wrong with him today?"

>>"Oh, he's just a gay fish."

"Oh, OK."
by southparkrox October 12, 2009
As this generation of gay men trying to outdo each other akin to peacocks they have become to self absorbed. Espcially used in Asia and misuse of the word selfish (pronounced shellfish somehow) a gay man who is selfish as "gayfish" as a play of word on selfish.
He is not the same anymore.. Casey is so gayfish since his promotion.
by samdolism October 26, 2013
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