A remark made by an usually arrogant or somewhat stupid person as an insult toward another's sexual orientation being homosexual, when in fact it is similar to a double negative therefore saying only that the person is heterosexual.
Jimmy: "Mike your a gay fag! hahaha"
Mike: "Thanks for reminding me I'm straight Jimmy!"
Jimmy: "I don't get it"
Mike: "You're a tard Jimmy"
#gay #fag #insult #stupid #jimmy
by youngster3956 May 28, 2010
Top Definition
To have a happy cigarette.
Hey do you have a happy cigarette?
Yes, I do have a gay fag!
#gay #fag #fag gay #happy #cigatette
by PeterInBoulder October 24, 2005
a queer so flamboyant as to be extra gay.
Your dad is a gay fag, hence the fact that you are half gay.
by Jaggo March 20, 2004
a gay person who rides a Harley Davidson motorcycle.
John is a fag since he ride's a harley davidson

Billy is a gay fag since he's gay and rides a harley davidson
#harley #davidson #gay #fag #southpark
by imakehersayoh November 08, 2009
(n) 1. a happy homosexual
2. a cigarette that prefers its butt to be sucked by a male
Despite his worries about being called redundant, the gay fag smiled as he smoked one of his gay fags.
by BeardedFatass October 01, 2004
An actual homo...if a group of people are out acting like fags and one of them is actually gay...that person would be a gay fag.
Your such a fag for buying that Gay Fag Elton John CD.
#gay #fag #homo #annoying #flamer
by Seaside Tony January 12, 2010
The way that trolls from Gamespotters say Gamefaqs. This is not to be confused with Gaypot. Gaypot is the way that trolls from Gamespot say Gamespot
Troll:Gayfags has the worst message boards ever! Gaypot's where it's at!
#gamefaqs #gamespot #gamefags #gaypot #ce ftw
by Zembaphobia March 21, 2011
A Cigarette that is unusually happy
and or joyful
"Man that gayfag was good"
"i like a gayfag after sex"
"gayfag's are illegal in public places"
"ide like the non-gay fag section please"
"can i get some zig zag's, you mean gayfags?"
by Richard October 04, 2003
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