That bashful little smiley happy face you involuntarily make as a result of someone you like saying something adorable to you, about you.
Guy: 'I've liked you for awhile and I needed to let you know, as you are really pretty and I didn't want someone else to sweep you off your feet before I could say anything.'

Girl: 'Awe, that just gave me Gay Face to the max'
by AcidxDoll December 23, 2012
This gangly boy has a hooter that could shadow Wembley Stadium. He has less respect than Ali G - and his Jewlie was the shiZZle.

He also sounds like a twat when he uses gangster talk!

Don't be fooled by his bright eyes, his bushy tail ain't so good in the boudoir..

A walking example of why you shouldn't wear beige trousers - especially when you're a skinny white boy trying to be ghetto.

To top off this catch - he even writes his initials on his underwear label.

A true April fool.
GAYface, ting-a-ling, propa blotto and BITTY?!?!
by Dodging A Turd February 26, 2012
Anyone that goes by the name of Joseph
Could you believe his name was gayface!
by JPMx November 03, 2010
A heterosexual who portrays a homosexual character in plays, television or movie.
No, the guy from Will and Grace is actually straight. He was in Gay face
by omnibot80 August 05, 2009
When someone gets overly excited during social settings and makes a sexually suggestive face toward a person of the same sex.
Nate was so surprised at his birthday he caught himself giving Eric gayface.
by mcdiddy August 14, 2008
miss. nomer robinson - gayface occurs when one is stunned.
naomi has an intense gayface while reading this example
by aleeee April 13, 2007
A face that is gay, or perhaps a person that is gay.
for example "you gayface" or Miss Vicky Knight
by Frogger Jones August 05, 2006

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