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a boy who is gay who hangs out with you when your actuall boyfriend isnt in the mood to go shoe shopping or watch chick flicks.
When i wanted to see "The Notebook", my boyfriend didb't want to come, so i called up my gay boyfriend and he went with me...after wards we went shoe shopping.
by nilia June 05, 2007
gay guy that a straight girl likes romantically. they hang out often, being good friends since nothing else is going to happen.
girl: "i like you"
guy: "i'm sorry, i'm gay"
girl: "oh, wanna catch a movie?"

The beginnings of a gay boyfriend relationship.
by ganges December 31, 2009
The Gay-Boyfriend is a homosexual man that is there to fill in when your real boyfriend is too busy or away.

He also is the person a girl will go to for advice in her current relationship. Like what a man means by what he says and how he says it.

He also enjoys going shopping, going to the salon, giving you fashion tips to drive your man crazy, and spending money on you when you can't really afford the most amazing pair of shoes or lipstick you've ever had the pleasure to run across.
Heather: "I love my gay-boyfriend, Chris."
Cheryl: "Why?"
Heather: "He talked me through what Josh REALLY meant when we were talking last night."
by Heatherisms November 21, 2009
To clarify, the term "boyfriend" refers to a guy you are incredibly interested in; he doesn't have to be official or even realize that you call him this. He becomes a "gay boyfriend" if he's not down with you. (Because obviously, if he's not interested... he's clearly gay. )
Dude I've been tryin to kick it with my gay boyfriend for days now...but for some reason he keeps blowing me off. He must be gay.
by A Team from the B-Teens December 17, 2009
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