are those stupid shoes with wheels on them that those stupid kids always wear also known as wheelys
stupid kid "look at my new wheelys aren't they awesome"

smart kid "you mean those gayblades on your feet i hope you fall"
by billiam_269 May 20, 2009
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Slang term for a flamboyantly gay man; a "flamer" as opposed to a normal gay man
by Pissed Off Paul October 10, 2003
A homosexual male.
That gayblade over there thinks you're cute.
by gary December 28, 2003
The top-most rung of the gay ladder
Tim, with those shoes on you look like a gay blade.
by Funkasaur November 28, 2010
The name that ignorant fools like myself address Beyblade as...
Hey, those nerds over there are playing Gayblade! I feel sorry for them...
by anonymous January 24, 2005
a spinoff of bayblades, when 2 guys spin on their dicks and do battle
the men were in the arena when they played gayblades to settle a dispute
by cole. July 18, 2009
Definition for main weapon from Kingdom Hearts and users of it. (Gayblade Master)
Guy 1: Hey! You know Sora from Kingdom Hearts?
Guy 2: Yeah! Sora, the Gayblade Master!
by New_urban September 01, 2010
A homophobic person's word. Stems from the original use in reference to a flamboyantly over-the-top homosexual peson.
With his stupid looking hats and music, Willy is such a gay-blade.
by Orange Julius May 08, 2005

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