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gay Beyond All Recognition. Used to describe someone (or something) that is "flaming" gay.
Mr A: Hey do you like my shirt?
Mr B: Not really, it's gaybar.
by sk November 18, 2003
(adj.) when someone is acting gayer than a fag, one would assume they are being a gaybar.
damnit John! stop being such a gaybar!
by Markoo420 September 06, 2006
Another slang term for rubbish / crap / pathetic. Derived from the Electric Six song by the same name.
Them: my girlfriend wont let me come out tonight
You: haha gaybar!
by lee August 07, 2003
A tool used for prying apart fags who have become hung up.
"Father Flanagan, do you by chance happen to keep a gaybar around?"
by pro-nun-see-A-shun March 18, 2003
To be ridiculously cool, freakin insanly awsome.
Y that harold kid is so gaybar at studying
by Utop March 31, 2006
A really cool place
Andrew - "This public ale house is so a gaybar!"
Ross - "I know. Much more gaybar than the one down the street."
by Fairms January 31, 2004
A random word which you use to say when something sucks ass.
Burger-"I got 99.9 Percent on My maths test!"
Me-"I got, uuuuuh, 34 Percent"
Burger-"You dumbass."
Me-"Gay Bar!"
*Slight whack from Lisa*
Me-"OWWWWW, What did you do that for Bitch?"
by GirlSkater March 08, 2004