A situation or person who is highly sensitive and ultra pansy-like.
1. That dude is 'gay as fuck.'

2. Ronald died!?!?! He was killed by an escaped Rhinocerous!?!?! Damn, thats a 'gay as fuck' way to die.
by FlyGuyJV November 14, 2006
Top Definition
Refers to the attitude or personalities of the cast of the jersey shore.
That "the sittuation" guy is gay as fuck
by The Edukated Won August 04, 2011
1.utterly stupid, retarded to the extreme.

2. a brainless act.
using the urban dictionary as a legit reference is gay as fuck.
by stannolen August 24, 2008
1. the gayest anything could be

2. the most gay in the world
1. A Geogre Michael Elton John and Dave Furnish sandwich

2. You're 'gay as fuck'
by lolipop June 17, 2006
According to non-named MMA fighter, gay as fuck now refers to anybody who is currently in a heterosexual relationship, thus shifting our very understanding of current slang. TRANSFORMING the gay-marriage issue and negating any sort of mental processes in his brain.
"Is that your girlfriend Matt?

Man you're gay as fuck."
by emze September 08, 2010
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