1.To be happy
Son: MOM ! IM GAY!

Mom: oh so you came out the closet already?
Son: no I mea-
Mom: I'm not suprized.
by snowball-chan July 05, 2016
Gay is not only a term people use to describe someone who doesn't fit in or does something different. For many people it is a lifestyle and only one characteristic of an entire human. ( next time you want to call something gay, think twice about it)
I just told my parents i was gay and they were kinda accepting.
by Lori-ella Rogalerazia July 10, 2016
Insult or used to imply that something is stupid or inappropriate. Not necessarily a generic term but used when other descriptors do not come to mind.
Dude those shoes are gay!
by Rootnrom December 14, 2015
Happy, jolly, or colourful. OR used to describe a man who likes other men.
See that car over there?
Yeah, it`s so gay!
by #PrincessofWinter August 22, 2015
Its okay to be gay lets rejoice with the boys in the gay waaaaaay!
inside jokes are funny amirite
by uhe May 14, 2015
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