During the 70's when almost all societies would still prosecuted publicly known homosexuals; a group of homosexual men in Amsterdam founded a clandestine private club where they could hang out free of prosecution to have drinks, smoke, chat, play cards and whatnots. They called the club and themselves as "G.A.I." (Gentlemen Association International). As time went by, word of mouth had also attracted heterosexual friends to join and attend the club.

When this term migrated to the U.S.A. and other English speaking Countries, without knowing the whole history of the term, people assumed it was gay and not G.A.I.
"Are you G.A.I?" would mean "Are you a G.A.I. member?" But in today's world of: "Are you gay?" literally asking if you are a homosexual person.
by A Damn Cool Dude January 20, 2014
1.To be happy
Son: MOM ! IM GAY!

Mom: oh so you came out the closet already?
Son: no I mea-
Mom: I'm not suprized.
by snowball-chan July 05, 2016
Gay is not only a term people use to describe someone who doesn't fit in or does something different. For many people it is a lifestyle and only one characteristic of an entire human. ( next time you want to call something gay, think twice about it)
I just told my parents i was gay and they were kinda accepting.
by Lori-ella Rogalerazia July 10, 2016
1: Happy
2. Homosexual Person
3. Sweet, Cheesy, Nice
4. Insult like faggot
1. "We'll have a gay old time"
2. Guy: "Mom...im gay"

Mom: "Good for you, Baby"
3. Bf: "I love you to infinity and beyond, my little munchkin"

Gf: -laughs- "That was so gay but I love you"
4. "Ew, get your gay ass outta here"
by moonlight memories April 10, 2016
Insult or used to imply that something is stupid or inappropriate. Not necessarily a generic term but used when other descriptors do not come to mind.
Dude those shoes are gay!
by Rootnrom December 14, 2015
1. Homosexual, for a man to be in love with a man. Commonly referred as a women and a women being in love, how ever that is known as being lesbian.
2. Used as an insult, being referred to as bad. Usually used by a homophobe, however many nonhomophobic people have come to use this term as well.
3. To be happy, or in a good mood. This is rarely used as someone could easily think you mean you are being gay for some period of time, suggesting you are not strait.
1. Why are you trying to hook him up with a girl? Didn't you know he is gay?

Oh. damn my mistake.
2. Stop being gay you fag.
3. "Gay old time" As used in the Flintstones.
by honey2819 November 23, 2015
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