prefix used to denote someone who is obviously gay but hasn't "come out of the closet" yet.
"Mikah, your pants are sagging too low. Pull them up. (gay)Todd just parked over there next to Wade."

"Geeze (gay)Todd, for someone who's spent the last 19+ years in a closet, you've got a pretty good tan!"
#(gay)todd #prf #dsk #all #day #yeah wade! #xxl #xxxl #t-shirts
by peeweesherman March 21, 2009
Homosexual. NOTHING IS WRONG WITH THIS SO SOCIETY NEEDS TO SUCK IT UP. Ex- Boy likes Boy, Girl likes Girl.
He/She is gay, and that is totally acceptable.
#lesbian #homosexual #acceptable #bisexual #transgender
by Piper Queen May 11, 2015
When a person likes the same sex
"Jimmy just came out to be gay"
"So did Amy"
by unicorn54 November 20, 2015
A person who is attracted to persons only of the same gender.
The man was gay, and was in a long-term relationship.
#gay #homo #queer #lesbian #homosexual
by Gin Quirke November 10, 2014
1: Cheerful, merry.

2: Homosexual, even if he's sad or depressed.

3: A term ignorant and immature pricks use whenever they find something they don't like to show how "manly" they are, whereas most women they know appear through a web page, their main sexual partner being their right hands.
1: I feel gay today!

2: You know that women don't attract me as I'm gay.

3: OMG that thing that's sooooo gay LMAO laaaaame lol lol lol!
#happy #homosexual #ignorant #idiot #immature
by Averagemonkey2441 June 03, 2013
when one man likes another man in a sexual way
your like nathan racz really gay and likes marco
by muskie012 May 23, 2016
See Justin Bieber
Hey you gay
by W122OW March 07, 2016
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