someone does something odd, wierd,obvious or stupid they are gay. An odd situation can be gay also.
Anna:If i put on more marcara would i look stunning??
Me:Dont be a gay
by pinkimpulse May 04, 2007
pretty much means..
not cool
nobody likes
ew that girl is so gay!
this movie is really gay
your being really gay
by liiiv June 16, 2007
1. Lame
2. Happy
3. Homosexual (as in buttsekcs)

1. She sold my ipod to buy gay?
2. She's gonna let me have half the crack...I'm so gay!
3. But I have to give the drug dealer head...guess that would make me gay
by b to the rizzle April 13, 2007
a gay is a homersexual person who likes to have sex with another person of there same gender (i.e male to male girl to girl) u get the idea anyway some times these people can be called a range of names... lesbos gays etc
gay man
by Victoria Jeffery March 15, 2007
Someone who likes it in the ass
You like cock?ok, you are gay
by LLOIK June 10, 2007
a man who enjoys sucking the dick of another man when he should be licken pussy
dude, go suck a cock, your gay!
by ich bin tim September 15, 2007
gay simply means gay
1. omg your gay
2. so
1. thats so gay!!
2. but im very gay about been gay
3. shut up you gay twat
by excessive? April 24, 2007

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