Gaymeaning something or someone is lame, not cool, not hot, or stupid.
That's sooooo gay !!!

I never want to talk to that guy again...he's soooo gay !!!

The party last night was gay...I hated it !!!

My friend says something to me like "I think I'll wear my pajamas to the wedding tomorrow." I reply...."That's gay" or "Come on, now don't be gay!"
by Kristin G. August 16, 2007
you gotta be gay to look up this word. seriously.
really, get a life, gay guy.
by zane123 February 01, 2008
Gays meaning has changed.
Gay used to mean lovely, delightful, gay, happy days.
Gay then meant literally as in. "Wooahh dude. Your gay."
Gay now means 'Thats pretty shit, But i cant swear in front of my grandma, So this'll do'
Grandma; We're off the church this morning!
Anti-Christ; Ohh gay
Grandma; =]
by Auto =] March 30, 2007
Liking the same sex as you are. A boy liking a boy
Being so weird you can't even be called "weird"
Oh my god...take that shirt off! It is so gay!
by tilatequilafan December 15, 2007
To be not cool, extremly happy, or a homosexual
"dude, thats gay" -stupid
"old novelists write that they cannot be gayer on a sunny , breezy day"
"hey david"
"let me have some shit stick"
"yea honey ass muffins"
by zachismadniggerishyo September 23, 2007
when you like the same sex, a boy acting a little too feminine
Yoni Orellana is gay because he is too feminine
by Christopher12345 January 13, 2008
#1.. To be Good At Yoga
1. Wow that guy in the corner must be so gay!!!
by Tits McGee765 April 01, 2007

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