Liking the same sex as you are. A boy liking a boy
Being so weird you can't even be called "weird"
Oh my god...take that shirt off! It is so gay!
by tilatequilafan December 15, 2007
To be not cool, extremly happy, or a homosexual
"dude, thats gay" -stupid
"old novelists write that they cannot be gayer on a sunny , breezy day"
"hey david"
"let me have some shit stick"
"yea honey ass muffins"
by zachismadniggerishyo September 23, 2007
when you like the same sex, a boy acting a little too feminine
Yoni Orellana is gay because he is too feminine
by Christopher12345 January 13, 2008
#1.. To be Good At Yoga
1. Wow that guy in the corner must be so gay!!!
by Tits McGee765 April 01, 2007
feminine, girly, likes same sex
Taylor Johnson is a good definition of gay because he likes men.
by Reilly Radmonavich January 02, 2008
a gay man having gay sex with at least 2 dicks. Onme would be his actual dick and the other would be the other GAY man's dick. SO basically gay means dicks with other dicks.

Some times you would have three dicks which would be an unusual but still very gay situation. To be gay, it doesnt matter how many dicks you cross with its just has to be at least two dicks. These dickls can be anysize,color or gender but to be gay, they must all be GAY.

IF all of these rules fail, the only other way you are gay is if you support or are a member of The New York Yankees

Elton John: Sup gay! How would i know your gay?
Derek Jeter: Cause i have a GAY dick
ELton John: Can I suck?
Derek Jeter: Yes. Remember, Im gay...I have a GAY dick.
by notgay November 22, 2007
someone does something odd, wierd,obvious or stupid they are gay. An odd situation can be gay also.
Anna:If i put on more marcara would i look stunning??
Me:Dont be a gay
by pinkimpulse May 04, 2007

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