A person who would choose sausage for breakfast over a taco or tuna sushi
Nick (Homo) likes his daily dose of sausage with his fruit loops for breakfast, because he is GAY
by Phirip May 23, 2006
1. To be/something that is optimistic/happy.

2. A person who is attracted to the same sex.

3. A term commonly used by teenagers to describe something unfortunate--typically a generic insult that is NOT directly homophobic unless the person saying it is in fact homophobic.
1. "We had a gay time at the rally!"

2. "Mom, I'm gay."
"Cleavice, get the holy water!"

3. "Dude, I've been waiting for like an hour for my mom to pick me up!"
"That is so gay!"

Seriously, people. Stop acting like pussies about people using gay as an 'insult'. Teenagers commonly use it as a loose, generic insult to describe something unfortunate--also denoted as "that sucks"--nothing more. It is not homophobic unless the person is homophobic. Get over yourselves.
by grimmy February 02, 2005

-men who like other men

-something lame

the english language always changes so it is appropriate to use the word gay to say that something is lame...emoheads are know to use the phrase "thats gay" because there sad all the time and for emoheads being happy is lame
emohead-being happy is lame

emohead2-yea is fucking gay

emohead-koo imma go cut myself

emohead2-sic...imma put some hawthorne heights
by Emosewa September 26, 2007
sensitive person.
Someone who was born sensitive, and who, in the cut and thrust world of the playground, has accepted that they are somehow different and who have then accepted a label handed to them.
Before the second world war Britain had lots of sensitive people. It was ok to walk down the street talking about poetry or to sip tea and play cricket. Then that nasty artist adolf came along and told the world that it was evil to hate homosexuals. So we relaxed the definition of the word. With less sensitive people, society became a more violent place in which to live. Perhaps soon we will have succeeded in breeding out sensitivity. Then we will be a nation of soldiers, a nation of super men and women. Perverse innit?
when you meet someone you love, should you express that love physically?
Even if it means being gay?
by millerthegorilla January 29, 2009
Gaymeaning something or someone is lame, not cool, not hot, or stupid.
That's sooooo gay !!!

I never want to talk to that guy again...he's soooo gay !!!

The party last night was gay...I hated it !!!

My friend says something to me like "I think I'll wear my pajamas to the wedding tomorrow." I reply...."That's gay" or "Come on, now don't be gay!"
by Kristin G. August 16, 2007
you gotta be gay to look up this word. seriously.
really, get a life, gay guy.
by zane123 February 01, 2008
Gays meaning has changed.
Gay used to mean lovely, delightful, gay, happy days.
Gay then meant literally as in. "Wooahh dude. Your gay."
Gay now means 'Thats pretty shit, But i cant swear in front of my grandma, So this'll do'
Grandma; We're off the church this morning!
Anti-Christ; Ohh gay
Grandma; =]
by Auto =] March 30, 2007

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