Stands for Great Amazing Yay.Used by geekz(not all of em know wat it standz 4 tho)=D
Sally:Molly you are such a good friend!I love you!
Molly:Ohh thankyou you too!You are just soo gay!!
Sally:What???I thought you were my friend!!But now its over!You can go to the chess club with your mother now!!!!
Molly:nooooooo!!!you are my only friend!!!stupid gay word!!i hate gays!!
Gay man:oii watch it!
Molly:Sorry mr gay....
by Kennie Suttonnn October 21, 2007
What phones should be because then they could reproduce. Please do not insult Britney Spears.
The bird was so gay it flew into a window and died.
by Barry Trotter March 14, 2007
:Adjective: As awesome as two people, who are experts on penises, having sex without fear of pregnancy
"Spaceships are so gay."

"I adore Faulkner. His writing is incredibly gay."

"That gay sex is gay!"

"Boobies are gay."

Source: smbc
by Jowan Syoodoenim April 13, 2011
1. Homosexual
2. Jovial; Carefree
3. In extended usage: Unpleasant; irritating; inconvenient; unfair

1. Lesbians are gay.
2. Lesbians are gay.
3. Lesbians are gay.
by qsgjrbga234324 April 26, 2009
Verb:To completely own someone in an online game such as Day of Defeat or Counter-Strike
Lt.Dan:I has pazsershrex i is gun kill youz
Capt.Aggro:oh yeah well I have a Piat! AGGRO TIME
Major Flatulence:Oh man Aggro just defined Gay on Dan
by Capt.Aggro January 31, 2009
The ultimate 12 year old insult used shockingly by everyone often subconsciously. To imply that someone is homosexual, or when a person is acting eccentrincly and the name caller is embarrasse, often a defense mechanism used by young kids when offended.
Your so gay, allow him!
by Unknownnottobeknown July 04, 2006
1) Happy; joyful; cheerful
2) Homosexual - one who feels sexually or emotionally attracted to someone of the same sex
3) Commonly used slang meaning stupid or lame
1) He seems quite gay today.
2) Mom... I'm gay.
3) Man, you're so gay!
by Lokess February 03, 2004

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