justin bieber
ewww justin is justin (gay)
by kirkyyyyyyyyy March 26, 2011
1. An alternate word for happy

2. A term used for someone who is homosexual

3. The most horrible insult you can call someone
1. "I'm feeling gay today."

2. "Hey, you know Bob? Yeah apparently he's gay, who knew?"

3. "Z0MG TAhTS S0 FuKKNG G4Y Y0U GHEY P3RS0N!11!!!111!!0NE!!!11!!1!11!"
by SCmder Thor April 14, 2010
Even though "gay" has been used for homosexual tendencies, as time changes so do the meanings of some words i.e. "gay" first joy or happiness, then homosexual, now this sucks

gay - adjective - something that is unfortunate for someone
" That movie was gay, I'll talk to the manager about getting my money back."

"The people who say this definition is gay are probably right, because it is a point of rebuttal."
by The Human Thesaurus April 06, 2010
1. Happy, cheerful

2. Homosexuals.

3. Slang for something stupid or bad, used by guess what, gays and straights. I myself am gay. and I use it. It should not be considering insulting, especially by those who use lame, retarded, and the like, as those would be seen as offensive to lame people and people wit mental retardation. All are words. all have many definitions. Also, some who get pissed off at people using gay in this way, Act like hypocrites and try to use "Oh my god, that is so straight." when they see something stupid. A word is a word and can have many definitions. get over it :)
1. Flintstones theme: "we'll have a gay old time"

2. I like guys, and have a boyfriend. I consider myself gay

3. Dude. that move was fucking gay.
by Betweenxthexplague January 03, 2010
Gay has 3 meanings ^^

1. Gay - means happy XD

2. Gay - an insult, if someone called u gay it means ur acting gay, stupid, anoying jst gay u know...

3.Gay - or jst gay (homosexual)

1. Ecstasy is good, it makes me feel very gay
2. My friend did THE gayest thing wen she was rolling on ecstasy
3. Ecstasy makes me gay
by aussie_chic December 21, 2009
1. Intense and passionate liking for sth or sm1.Mostly short-lived.

2. Weird chemistry among people or things
1.Everyone's so gay for facebook!

Guys are generally gay for a beer and some ass.

2.My Pal: Dude,have you heard the new Em song dissin Mariah?

Me: Yup!Pretty dope,eminem is a battle MC n the Dr Dre beat was off the hook.

My Pal:I'm telling you when eminem works with Dre they always come out with some sick shit.

Me: The two are totally gay for each other.

My Pal: *punches me in the face*
by EricKay August 05, 2009
basically a generic term for someone, something, or a situation that is stupid or useless.
These free seats are gay...we can't even see from here,
that cop that wrote me a speeding ticket for 4 miles over the posted limit was gay
I can't beleive that they shut the highway down to 1 lane for 5 miles..and no one was working...gay!
by djn atx January 02, 2009

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