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A homosexual man. A man who is attracted to other men. A man who has sex with other men.
I am proud to be gay.
We were in the gay parade.
by sonny vitale September 10, 2007
A male who believes in homosexual marriage,
Daniel: Did you see Rishi?! he wouldn't give me any personal space! He's a gay hoe.

Me: Yeah, he's a hoe for sure! He said he wanted to f&*% me!
by ADAM.LAMBERTFAN#1!!! April 18, 2010
A quickly evolving word with changing meanings over time. Past and present definitions include:

1)having or showing a merry, lively mood

2)of, indicating, or supporting homosexual interests or issues

3)any manner of thing or subject considered undesirable or disagreeable to the speaker
1) Samuel walked down the lane, free and gay, without a care in the world.

2) Kyran is so gay, he dresses like a flaming faggot.

3) This homework assignment Mrs. Lehman gave us is so gay.
by maroonattack12 March 08, 2010
Slang synonym for Stupid, Lame or Uncool, popular with Teens and people in their early 20s. Not ment in a derogatory way towards homosexuals.
Person 1 : "Hey that homosexual guy over there took offence to me using the word gay as a slang term for stupid"

Person 2 : "Wow that was really gay of them. Don't they know that it started out as another term for happy?"

Person 1 : "Probably, but they were too busy trying to make themselves feel like a victim because homosexuals on the whole are generally accepted in society these days and the overly sensitive ones are having less and less to winge about."

Person 2: "That's too bad, It's highly sensitive people like this, hanging onto an old term that make it hard for the rest of homosexual people to move on and forget about the old ignorant days."
by Straight man with a plan October 16, 2010
basically a generic term for someone, something, or a situation that is stupid or useless.
These free seats are gay...we can't even see from here,
that cop that wrote me a speeding ticket for 4 miles over the posted limit was gay
I can't beleive that they shut the highway down to 1 lane for 5 miles..and no one was working...gay!
by djn atx January 02, 2009
1. Happy, cheerful

2. Homosexuals.

3. Slang for something stupid or bad, used by guess what, gays and straights. I myself am gay. and I use it. It should not be considering insulting, especially by those who use lame, retarded, and the like, as those would be seen as offensive to lame people and people wit mental retardation. All are words. all have many definitions. Also, some who get pissed off at people using gay in this way, Act like hypocrites and try to use "Oh my god, that is so straight." when they see something stupid. A word is a word and can have many definitions. get over it :)
1. Flintstones theme: "we'll have a gay old time"

2. I like guys, and have a boyfriend. I consider myself gay

3. Dude. that move was fucking gay.
by Betweenxthexplague January 03, 2010
justin bieber
ewww justin is justin (gay)
by kirkyyyyyyyyy March 26, 2011