The act of two men's balls touching
"Was that gay?"
"No, your balls didn't."
by 1749 April 30, 2012
strong sexual feelings to the opposite sex, feels aroused and all sexy when there's another guy around.

Common gays usually covered by names Luke, Lucas, Lukey.
'That guy is soooooooo hot i wanna fuck him'

'Are you LUKE ANDREWS? are you THAT gay?!'

'Sure am m8!'
by itskarmahoe January 13, 2012
a bunch of happy men. who put winkies in their bums.

see bum
see winky
all them thar gays look gay. getter done
by foofykitty May 24, 2006
An adjective to describe amazing person who girls love and strikes fear in less confident men who are unable to attract girls to them. Men described as gay often find straight men intimidated by them because the straight man is unsure os his sexuality.
Straight guy: I am scared of that you.
Gay Guy: why?
Straight guy: Cause you are so awesome and sexy and i want to date you more than girls but I am straight
Gay guy: its ok honey lets go Fuck.
Straight guy and Gay guy begin fucking
by iamaboywholovecutehispanicboys February 17, 2012
gays are people who sexually or romantically prefer someone of the same sex over someone of the opposite sex it s not any weirder than someone prefering blondes over brunettes or short people over tall people everyone has their own sexual preference
gays straits and bis are all human beings despite the close minded homophobic conformist discrimination you hear
GAY stands for "Go Away You"
it is usually said to people who act girl or in a feminine way and embarrass other guys
Eww GAY I don't even want to look at you

GAY's get a life

by Gaggle of Chuck Knoblauch September 14, 2008
A light-hearted way of mispronouncing and misspelling "guys." A careless and funny-if-you-like-it alternative to the tired old word "guys."
Hey, gays, have a nice night!

Do any of you gays have any idea what is going on around here?

Officer, I think you should ask that group of gays over there what happened.
by Hoyce May 02, 2011

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