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My Best Gay Friend came up with that one...chocolate infused butter cookies and roasted marshmallows..much neater, and much amazing goodness!
It's a lovely night for Gay S'mores!
by His Best Gay Friend July 23, 2011
Let's make this perfectly clear.. I made them up. I am gay. They are easy. People think they are fancy. I was just lazy one night and don't like Hershey's. Here goes- French butter cookies with chocolate already layered on top...comes in milk, dark and white. Roast a marshmallow and smash between 2 cookies-chocolate side in. Eat. Repeat. They are good for all people. They aren't gay...again, I am and I made them up. Love life and enjoy!
Gay S'mores will NOT make you gay, nor do you need to be gay to eat them.
by His Best Gay Friend July 29, 2011
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