gays should be protected by law against discrimination in regards to employment,housing intimidations and violance,but they should not be given special rights they should not be allowed to marry or adopt they do not deserve any special laws like hate crimes thay should not be allowed to go to public schools and preach that nonsene with tax dollars

there are not hate crime laws for fat people,but there are for gays. gay rights are a joke
by NLR718 July 09, 2006
Something that is non-existant. Some are moronic enough to think that they deserver rights, but they don't.
Gays have no rights, everyone with a properly functioning brain can see that.
by The X-Factor June 17, 2005
Special rights that should NOT be granted to homosexuals. However, you have the basic human right to not be killed, and also the right to change your ways.
To the Homos: "Turn or burn!" I say.
by The Anti-Fag February 22, 2005
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