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what makes me hot.
i love to stick my cock into another guy
by carlos riez February 18, 2004
962 431
The best damn porn ever!
I was hanging with my homos, so we went back to my place to catch a movie
by Liger Zero April 06, 2003
1637 595
Mmm, gay porn. Nothing better than seeing two muscular, buff men slamming each other in the tight, tight anus. If you're lucky, you'll get some tongue-in-ass play!
Ooooh, Bobby, fuck my ass harder. Derek, can you take my big, three inch cock?
by Sephiroth. November 20, 2003
1223 457
guys is great
i love to watch gay porn
by ihateniggers July 18, 2003
920 440
When guys get together for man-2-man fuck sessions. Gets the pizzle drizzlin' for some females.
I walked in the porta-porn place one day and saw some gay porn. Two men sweating it out, grindin' ass-to-ass? What's wrong with that? Got me hot. If straight men can ogle lesbians, why can't us girls drool over two dicks,hmm?
by sexie chocolate October 22, 2004
767 289
Homosexual intercourse.
Wrestlers X-Pac and Chyna performed together in a gay porn movie.
by Yo_Daddy June 10, 2008
291 172
1. Pornography depicting sexual situations between 2 or more men.
2. A short sentence used to stress fusturating or annoying situations. It is typically repeated; first at a normal tone of voice, then at a much higher, annoyed one.
1. Hey Johnny lets go watch some gay porn, then masturbate together.
2. Noooo! Why isn't this working! Gay porn. Gay porn!!
by AresMars July 31, 2006
386 272