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A mental to-do list kept by a hetero guy on the off chance he ever goes homo. Generally used to remind the wife/girlfriend that he does, in fact, have a penis.
Wife: Honey, let's go see the Sex in the City movie on opening day!
Husband: What a great idea! Let me just jot that down in the ol' gay planner...

Girlfriend: Sweetie, you should come to the salon with me on Saturday... I've always thought you'd look just adorable with highlights.
Boyfriend: Saturday, huh? Let me check... good news! Looks like I'm performing anonymous airport bathroom stall fellatio at 9:00, but, other than that, the gay planner's wide open!
#gay #chick flick #manly #girlfriend #wife #day planner
by Chisos Climber May 21, 2008
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