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queer lust exhibitionism
We, the super majority, don't care what you do in the privacy of your own home. If you want to spark moral outrage AND actively decrease tolerance continue to rub your deviancy in our children's faces in the public sphere with your gay pRide parade attack on western civilization
by Queer Abuse Charm June 18, 2013
17 6
Merrily cramming sexual deviancy down someone's throat with visual aids
Boasting tolerance, intolerantly denouncing intolerance, their statistically insignificant population exaggerated in gay pride parades ranting, writhing in lust, demanded ALL others accept their queer world view while decrying dissent as hate.
by Queer Abuse Charm June 18, 2013
10 6
Fags traveling together in a group.
Just saw a bunch of guys on Harley Davidson motorcycles ride through town, it was a regular gay pride parade.
by Medman79 February 19, 2011
17 25