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awhen a fucked up a guy becomes gay ( like what the fuckk) gay is fucking gay how does a guy like cock than pussy like wtf it so fucking messed up but anyways when a gay gets a 14" black cock with tons of sperm in the dookeyhole- (is where the dookey comes out and the hole is filled with cock) and squirts with alot of sounds
mark: Fuck me fuck me nice and hard with that black cock oh yea i will feel this in the moring my tight ass is so nice for a nice big black man in a fireman outfit on.

tyson: its going in your dookeyhole mofo yea get money bitch your my bitch no fucker i will jizz in your face

Mark: not untill i have a gay orgasm
by motherfuckergayguy April 11, 2010
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