The modern term for adelphopoiesis, a medieval Christian ceremony uniting two men (or less often, two women) in a bond similar to heterosexual matrimony. Although adelphopoiesis vows resembled traditional marriage vows, they did not include a sanction of sexual relations between the couple.
For more information see John Boswell, "Same-Sex Unions in Premodern Europe", New York, Villard Books, 1994.
The earliest written record of gay marriage is from a ceremony performed by a Catholic priest in the eighth century.
by Raphael November 17, 2004
If you truly believe in separation of church and state, you'd know that the government has zero right forcing churches to marry a gay couple against their own will.

I don't care about gay marriage, but churches have rights too, you know.
by david smith, jr. May 16, 2008
When a man and a man or woman and a woman are united in a legal marrage. Basically something where people canhave a stupid document saying the love each other when you could just love each other with out it and not make a freakin fus over it.

Also, something people should stop pissing over.
Some 15year old 'gay' thinks that just sicne he thinks he loves men back he should protest for allowing gay marage so he could get more popularity and attention by doing so... (Trying to be different) So they wave around 'gay pride' flags and saying how they are constantly getting beat up when they are the ones constantly whining about something.

Then after like 3 years in college... They find out they are straight. And notice that if they truely love someone they dont need a document to prove it.
by Counter_Part August 21, 2005
a way for gay people to suffer MORE than they already have (past homophobia)
What's with gay marriage? Haven't gay people suffered enough?
by AzN LeMoN SkIn December 23, 2004
A joke
lololololol gay marriage
by Fat Tits Fart February 24, 2008
First off, everyone against gay marriage isn't a bible thumper or narrow-minded conservative. Most people who have real, substantial reasons are shunned to the side.

A union between a homosexual couple that is under fire by most states. It shouldn't be allowed, but not because it's un-Christian, but because marriage is a union between a MAN and a WOMAN, and, historically and nowadays, has nothing to do with love or feelings or religion.

Marriage was just a union between man and woman that guaranteed some money on both of their behalfs and child-bearing without shame of adultery/fornication. Later it became a big deal about loving who you're getting married to, but marriage really has nothing to do with that. Nowadays there's even shotgun weddings, so it still doesn't always regard love. Homosexuals can't reproduce, so marriage for them (in the archaic sense) is pointless. They'd just be life partners.

Gays are great and shouldn't be discriminated against, but they can't be given the right to marry because they're the same gender and that's not marriage. A civil union or some type of legal partnership should suffice, but marriage is between a man and a woman. I think they should create something for gays.
Bob and Sally got married and then two weeks later when to Steve and Joe's 'barriage' or somethin like that. There. Gay marriage. Ish.
by Vi Sushi June 17, 2008
A token to the Dutchies ability to let loose of the rediculus ideas founded 2000 years ago and think for themselves rather than letting themselves be brainwashed by a guy who has a fetisj for airport landing strips.
A: Hey, look at that guy in white with that stupid hat making out with the pavement on the airport in poland.
B: Well, at least he's not gay.
A: Yeah the Dutch tolerance stinks that's probably why statistically they are the most happy people in the world.
by Amar van Leeuwaarde February 27, 2005

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