The moment when you discover that you have been gay for too long. It's so fatiguing...
I have gay fatigue...don't talk to me now
by Subodh March 15, 2004
Top Definition
tired with being gay
oh, i'm so tired of being gay

this gay stuff just tires me out. i'm bushed
by All American March 16, 2004
1. The suffering and general lack of energy/ambition that sometimes results from living the lifestyle of a gay man. Can be induced by homophobia, excessive grooming, closet living, etc.

2. When straight people get tired of dealing with gays and the gay lifestyle. A straight man with a gay roommate may often feel gay fatigue.
1. "Hello, I can't come to work today, I am suffering from gay fatigue."

2. Scott become weary with gay fatigue after overhearing yet another conversation about ass-fucking
by gay_clay November 22, 2004
becoming bored with discussion of gay related issues or gay celebrities
MTV has caused more gay fatigue than any gay guy or lesbian could dream of. Imagine, 20 million teenagers a day learning to think being gay is so normal that it deserves coverage 24/7.
by doug March 10, 2004
when a person gets tired of gay sex and reverts back to heterosexual intercourse, sometimes becomes bi-sexual
Did you hear the latest? Keith got "gay fatigue" and is now playing for our team again.
by HotScott March 15, 2004
when society get tired of hearing about a gay individual's gay pride (normally a celebrity)
Rosie O'Donnell was considered the "Queen of Nice", but once she came out and proclaimed her gayness, she conformed herself to the typical gay attitude and lifestyle. She has pushed her opinion on whoever will listen to the point of getting married to spite the government. Now society has “gay fatigue” because of Rosie O’Donnell’s constant outspokenness. It was news when she first “came out of the closet”, but now its just plan annoying.
by HotScott March 15, 2004
Gay fatigue is a serious medical condition that occurs when someone of any sexual persuasion becomes physically and emotionally exhausted by the homosexual attention-whoring of one of their associates.

Gay fatique is usually brought on by others' false lisps, enormous rainbow flags, interrupting a conversation to talk about potpourri or rugby more than once a day, and those goddamned pink triangle stickers, but many other instigating factors exist.

Symptoms of gay fatigue may include desires to wear jackboots, tell the associate that "no one cares about your fucking gay problems," or join the Republican Party. If left untreated, gay fatigue can be fatal . . . to the homo who just won't shut up about his or her gayness, that is.
"Thanks for meeting here for lunch, everyone. Obviously, if the Russell account falters, we are going to have to backtrack to the . . ."

"Oh, oh, oh, will you look at that CUTE little parmesan shaker, Jen! I could use that to hold potpourri leaves, and --"

"Will you fuck off with the potpourri leaves, Dan? I've had gay fatigue for two months since you've come out! The whole office has known ever since the day of your interview that you were queerer than a blind turkey in a battleship! Fuck!"
by nihil8r March 11, 2004
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