(n) a homosexual. syn: "fruit," "queer," "fairy." antonym: "straight faggot."
Say, you sound like a gay faggot!
by stewart June 06, 2004
Top Definition
1) a homosexual male who prefers sex with women; 2) an indirect, and rather confusing, way of referring to a man as straight; 3) When uttered in front of others, an effective way of publicly declaring that one is a complete idiot with a woefully limited vocabulary.
I guess I'm not so good at homosexuality, I keep having sex with women, I'm just a fuck-up, a real gay faggot.

He just called that guy a "gay faggot," he must be a complete idiot who never adequately mastered the English language.
by SmartBoi September 21, 2010
Pretty much a person that denies to do something immediately and likes K-Pop.

This is not meant to be offensive to those who are any of those words.
Ji: Give me your iPod!
Danny: No, I don't want to. I'm listening to K-Pop.
Ji: You're a gay faggot.
by jihatesdanny November 14, 2011
effectively the same word twice this is the kind of insult used purely by people to stupid to think of somthing that is actiualy wrong with a person like for example extreme body odor or the inability to not behave like a steryotypical redneck
uhhr stop using long words you gay faggot
by ice elemental April 16, 2004
A happy fag or a heterosexual because those words together cancel themselves out
You just got it in the pooper? You are such a gayfaggot!

He fucked his girlfriend! He's a gayfaggot!
by karjuuhin April 02, 2009
Gay means happy and Faggot means a bundle of sticks.
"Oh those guys is such gay faggots." Male said scowling at the
happy homosexual couple.
"Wow, didn't know I was a happy bundle of sticks." One of the homosexuals replied sarcastically.
by Darkangle March 04, 2007
A cocksucker who likes to suck other men's penii.
That Ludelover guy sure is a Gay Faggot.
by wizurd February 17, 2003
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