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euphemism for being completely useless. where in an exclusively homosexual relationship, the reproductive section
of the male anatomy loses its usefulness.
you are gay balls.

being a rock would be gay balls.
by superbigcat April 15, 2008
A game where you try to get a small ball into the opposing team's goal by sitting on it and carrying it in the grasp of your buttcheeks.
gayball will soon be part of the olympics.
by PaulJar the Pornostar November 17, 2003
The description of basketball by people who aren't black and seven foot tall.
Edward:"So then jamel, you off to play gayball?"

by bp garage August 28, 2008
Another word for homosexual. Generally used as an insult.
Billy is a gayball, I hope that fag gets shot!
by Austin July 19, 2004
1. used to describe something as stupid, annoying, or gay
2. also, any adjective used with the word balls after it has instantly enhanced and exaggerated meaning
This weekend was gay balls.
This weekend was hella gay balls.
On the contrary, this weekend was tight balls.
That was fucked up balls!
by Mindi December 10, 2003
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