this term is used by convicts from california, refering to it as the last gate you walk through to freedom.
"hey dog when you getting out the gate?"
by impsick November 27, 2006
A colloquialism for Forest Gate. At town in East London.
"I'll meet you at 9pm in Gate by the station"
by Michael Morgan-Abel June 07, 2007
A place you live but not just a house you hustle outta your gate so people may come thru there often.
Ey man who the fuck let the broke crack head in my gate??
by Dahn Turgenson February 08, 2009
Two people of the same gender who are seen out on a date. Mixture of the words "gay" and "date"
Aw, Marvin and Luke are gating now!

Look at those two guys over there...think they're gating?
by Lineyjoe May 09, 2005
A term often used on IRC to refer to a proxy server IP address.
<IRCer1> I'm a load all my flood bots and flood this channel!

*Bots Join Channel*

<IRCer2> Thanks for the gates!
by qbert July 18, 2004
stupidly awkard yet at the same time very cool meaning of odd.
That douchebag is so gate!
by jaje January 21, 2009
Bad, not cool, lame, weak.
That haircut is gate man...
by Superguy November 06, 2003

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