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The central agency of a Nazi organization of "Mods" that enforce oppressive and dictator-like rules which they call "guidelines".
The Gat City Mods are unfair and cruel.
by Definitely not JAF May 14, 2003
an asylum
see also: madhouse
gat city is an asylum and madhouse
by 12345678 December 16, 2003
GAT city - It pwnith you with the power of b33r and pr0n.
GAT it up, f00lio!
by Arzen - WAAHAHAHAHA! August 29, 2003
a huge group of nazi swamp frogs who eat craberrys
Guess, what! i just ate a huge worm! gat city!
by h1p2i3n4j--12354 May 15, 2003