a gun, probably referring to Richard Gatling, the inventor
if that nigga tries to fuck with my slab, i'm gonna have to blast my gat
by kaybee March 12, 2004
Your gun, your strap, your gammie, your tool, your Rosco, your choppa
Method Man: "An once I think I gotcha I gat cha!"

"Nigga deez fewls is trippin, I got a gat for dey stankin ass ya heard me?"
by D. Snutz July 16, 2003
An exclamation used for a sudden and/or hilarious attack on another person, more commonly with a firearm.
He got gat!!
Gat that guy
I got gatted
Oh, GAT!
by Cuballs June 25, 2008
refers to your piece/gun/g slinger/dogface/heat. maybe derives from a gatling gun!
Yo, dawg, dat gat is whack! My g slinger is way hotter home piece!
by James Burford November 21, 2006
The tarry residue that gropes the cleavage of your two front teeth after the participation in the smoking of marijuana.
Urrgh!! You've got some rank gat! or Sick Gums is The Gat-Toothed Man Of Chiswick
by Gatty Gums March 03, 2005
a guitar (NZ slang I think)
from Alan Duff's books "they could sing. As well as play the gat"
by TankGirl February 27, 2004
a gun
Yo, these niggas come through on the scene wavin gats, straight up gangsta shit!
by Spook Killer July 29, 2003

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