An acronym for "Gin and Tonic."
"Hey dude, mix me a GAT!"
by M. Rutherford September 11, 2009
A term uses in the early nineteen hundred meaning a gun. This is short for gatling gun.This term is no longer acceptable in modern day English, for no one will no what you are saying.
"Hey those kids are selling cocaine over there!"
"I wouldn't be surprised if they had gats on them."
"Yeah we better look out."
by evan the badass rapper April 17, 2009
A slang term used to describe a revolver pistol derived from the word "Gatling", A cival war firearm that works by manualy turning multible barrels on a rotating cylinder to create a rapid fire.
"I got more GATS than a bitch got issues."
by Tookie November 01, 2005
gun , taken from gatling
he put his gat to her head and squeezed the trigger.
by dreydnero February 28, 2005
Acronym for Gin and Tonic.
I was drinking from a gat bucket last night but I couldn't handle the turkey basters anymore so I just made up a fresh one of my own.
by Scallywagz July 04, 2009
GAT stands for Green Army Toy, of course talking about a gun of some sort
"Don't make me pull out my gat on you homie"
by Youbcool December 12, 2008
A hand held catapult. Word used in the 60's around North Notts
load your gat and shoot that target
by testgear February 28, 2007

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