G.A.T means Gangstas AuTomatin
I'm gonna get my G.A.T and shoot the living fuck out of you cracka
by Raynersdfgcvb June 11, 2006
Street slang for a gun, usually a handgun.
We didn't fear da cops, we had our gats.
by 40 cal nigga December 30, 2003
Gay After Three: a person whose sexual orientation changes after three alcoholic beverages.
Boy A, "Hey, did you see Emma and Melissa hooking up at that party last night?"
Boy B, "Yeah, they're total GATs"
by Concerned C!t!zen September 30, 2008
Besides the main use referring to a firearm, some musicians use this term to describe a guitar.
"we need a new gat player"
"that guy is a kick ass gatsman"
"you play bass ill play gat"
"im on gat, bruce is on drums"
by P. Rickshaw September 25, 2007
The Urban word for gun, usally refering to a machine gun. Word usally used by the violent, or those wishing to appear that way.
Jeez, you see the gat that guy had. Damn!
by ZFT August 31, 2005
Flemish/Dutch for hole, meaning rectum
ik toon u mijn gat (I show you my rectum)
by kotnet.absurd June 11, 2004
stands for "Gay Alaskan Triplets," the three identical gay babies which Sarah Palin gave birth to in 1986 and then aborted. HAHA!
You heard about GAT?
Palin's aborted gay triplets? Sure! What a waste, that was her only redeeming quality.
by homosexuality September 27, 2009

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