Irish slang meaning 'drink', as in alcoholic beverages. Comes from Shelta, the language of the Irish travellers, from 'gaather' meaning 'drink'.

More commonly heard in the South-West.
"Any gat?"
"On the gat tonight?"
"Killin' the gat."
"Up for the gat."
"I think I might have a gat problem."
"Gat-Gluttons Anonymous."
by MalignantHumour November 20, 2009
Irish slang word for "drink" both verb and noun.
You going gattin' tonight? or GAT ON TA FUCCKK!!!
by xXLu2Xx May 24, 2010
Gat is term used in the southern part of Virginia. This means terrible, something dirty, stupid, unpleasing. The word could be used in a singular and/or plural form.
"those bitches last night were so gat on the dance floor."
"Did you see what Suz wore to the party? Can you say gat?"
by Frank Davidson December 29, 2013
Irish slang for alcohol. Can be used in a verb form "to gat" meaning "to drink".
Did you buy the gat?

We're going gatting at Seans house.
by deviantbabe July 21, 2009
Alcoholic drink
Irish slang
You go gattin the other night?
i got some load of gat!
Come on and we go gattin
Were you gattin
by B-Nora May 20, 2008
afrikaans (south africans) for ass
my gat juk / my ass itches
by t0tti3 May 28, 2004
an acrynym for Gay.Ass.Tendencies
A metrosexual man can also be known to have G.A.T
Gay Ass Tendencies
by Trust me January 02, 2006

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