Girls Against Texting. (Alternatively, Guys Against Texting). Occurs often when a person of the opposite sex fails to respond to texts on a consistent basis, usually for lame reasons. Only tends to occur if the girl/guy in question has dating potential with the sender. One of the easiest ways to keep interest/annoyance and tensions high. (Basically a mind game). Commonly occurs when a conversation is started, and then abruptly ends with a failure to respond, with overused excuses sent hours later.
Guy1: This girl just asked me if I wanted to hang out, and after saying yes over an hour ago I still haven't gotten a response.
Guy2: You just got G.A.T.'d.
(6 Hours Pass.)
Guy1: Ok, now she says she can't hang out because she's tired. Awesome.
by captain_falcon7 September 25, 2010
New Zealand slang for a homemade bong generally made from an empty bottle and a hose.
Steve: We can't blaze I don't have my bong
Lance: nah all good I've got an empty gatorade bottle we can make a gat
by Swagzeplin June 26, 2015
A gun, from the word Gatling
have fun kids
You cross the line and there’s no turning back
Told the world how he felt
With the sound of a gat
by kimmy booth March 03, 2005
drunk (adjective)

To be very very drunk indeed . Origin - Weald of Kent / Maidstone
" lets go and get gat "!!
by fezzled February 28, 2011
n. Slang term for a firearm, especially an auto-loading handgun.

When the SWAT element came through the door, the drug dealer pulled his gat on them.

by Spock July 14, 2003
Gat - Noun
1. A prohibition term meaning firearm now adapted by rappers and gangsters.
That bitch was running his mouth so I pulled out my gat and poppe a cap up his ass!
by 3rd Degree Burns September 09, 2011
Irish slang meaning 'drink', as in alcoholic beverages. Comes from Shelta, the language of the Irish travellers, from 'gaather' meaning 'drink'.

More commonly heard in the South-West.
"Any gat?"
"On the gat tonight?"
"Killin' the gat."
"Up for the gat."
"I think I might have a gat problem."
"Gat-Gluttons Anonymous."
by MalignantHumour November 20, 2009

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