Breasts, gats origionaly meaning guns, a girls breasts can be referred to as guns, or gats.
"Look at the gats on her!"
by Brad Kolling March 18, 2008
handgun used in lamest terms to describe a bullet firing arm
i bust my gat at them fools after they shot pookie
by 1che July 25, 2003
A gun most of the time a .9 millimeter.
damn i gotta get my gat,the damn cops shot me.
by 5-oh March 18, 2006
A cheap street fiream
If you be steppin' up you best have a gat or your ass gonna get capped
by sir mixalot February 25, 2003
A Slang term For a gun , First Used By Eazy-E When Talking about his mini-gattling Gun
Shoot U With My Gat
by Anonymous August 17, 2003
the word to provide anonimity and culture to the "silk boxers" era player, a comtemporary artist who gets his slang on. Usually a reference to ones self, especially Sam Ngatu
SNU: "its the gat in teh building!"
by dash January 27, 2005
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