Gat is the thick brown residue that can build up on your front teeth when smoking excessive spliffs
Nick you have some serious gat!
by Timmy February 14, 2005
Gangstas firearm
"Yo I be gattin yo ass if yo don shutup bout mah momma'
by Groovatron February 28, 2002
A slang term for a gun.

Can also be used as an onomatopoeia to illustrate the sound a gun makes when being fired
"Don't make me go get my gat fool."

"My gun goes Gat gat gat!"
by dazinith September 08, 2006
It Is A Gun, More Specifically, A Glock.
5 In The Morning Burglers At My Door, Glock .45 In My Dresser Drawer.
by Blackjack King February 11, 2004
Simply put, a GAT is someone who is both Gay and fAT, and usually rejected by society.

Chris, you're such a GAT.

We got the rap patrol, on the GAT patrol.

by Chamato December 21, 2006
A Nazi organization that meets to dictate cruel and oppressive laws which they refer to as "guidelines".
Heil Clear!
by Definitely not JAF... May 14, 2003
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