The Decline of Western Civilazation rolled up in a tiny subsilver forum bundle, yet suprisingly satisfying.

See "Gat City"
On August 25th, 2002, on the General Any Topic forum, otherwise known as the Gat of the Star Wars Galaxies forums, a city was created for Gaters, by Gaters.
by Resident of Grey Havens July 27, 2003
Another word for a girl's pussy
She gave me the gat last night and again this morning.
by Crazy Irish Mike May 03, 2006
alcohol. on the gat= out to get drunk. GATering a group of ppl planning to get very very drunk
Ill break ur f*cking legs if u don't give me some gat.
Example 2. Dude are u alrite? were u on the the gat last nyt?
by big little mamma January 10, 2006
A gun-

know what I'm sayin? That fool jus took his gat and wasted that dude glock glock and shit
by Billy Bush August 04, 2005
Uneducated way of saying, "got." Got = Have.
I ain't gat no money.

That is, "I have no money."
by JB December 18, 2004
a term for a pistol, mostly of the glock 9 Milly veriety or Deuce Deuce, that was started to make the small weapon seem more fiercem and dangerous in reference to the Gattlin Gun
Blood: "Punk ill cap ya wit my Deuce Deuce"
Cuz: "Oh yeah ill blow ya head back with my gat"
Though they may have the same weapon the cuz seems more dangerous cause he doesn't talk of a small calliber 22 but says GAT which makes you think of Gattlin Gun
by C-Sample October 29, 2004
1. A mans penis. A mans private part that is used for sexual needs
Yo girl come over here and suck my gat.
by anton2 April 03, 2006
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