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This is the act of releasing a butt bomb in a close area such as an elevator or executive conference room condemning your coworkers or innocent by standards to inhale the fumes. This can be silent and accusatory or load and wet. This sometimes is associated with Gastric Tourettes.
The office workers chocked for 4 floors do to Tom's silent gastric terrorism in the elevator.
by TheMattanator January 15, 2014
The use of foodstuffs and tasty treats to inspire fatness in an individual or group of people. Common during the holiday season. While related to "diet sabotage," the nuances are slightly different.
-"Someone left an entire loaf of pumpkin bread and a platter of cake pops in the kitchen at work, this gastric terrorism is getting out of hand."

-"I'm gonna leave a chocolate chip brownie on his desk, his weak will won't be able to resist such temptation."
-"You're such a gastric terrorist."
by rud0lph December 20, 2013
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