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Someone who likes to be choked or strangled while having sexual relations.
Before he tied me up to f*ck me, I reminded him that I'm a gasper.
by Queen of the Gaspers September 08, 2006
Slang for a cigarette.
Bertie asked Jeeves for a gasper, and the latter obliged him.
by circushead August 03, 2006
British Army slang believed to date from around the time of the Second Boer War 1899 - 1902, so called because smoking caused the troops to gasp for breath when engaged in strenuous exercise.
I'd just got clipped by a Boer bullet, nuffin' serious, so Jack gimme a gasper while he put a dressing on it.
by Croatalin December 01, 2013
Another word for a cigarrette
"Got a gasper on ya?"
by John the happy black man May 29, 2005