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Another word for a cigarrette
"Got a gasper on ya?"
by John the happy black man May 29, 2005
24 17
Someone who likes to be choked or strangled while having sexual relations.
Before he tied me up to f*ck me, I reminded him that I'm a gasper.
by Queen of the Gaspers September 08, 2006
151 33
Slang for a cigarette.
Bertie asked Jeeves for a gasper, and the latter obliged him.
by circushead August 03, 2006
80 50
British Army slang believed to date from around the time of the Second Boer War 1899 - 1902, so called because smoking caused the troops to gasp for breath when engaged in strenuous exercise.
I'd just got clipped by a Boer bullet, nuffin' serious, so Jack gimme a gasper while he put a dressing on it.
by Croatalin December 01, 2013
17 1