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Something that happens that is less than desirable.
Jim: AAAHhhhhhh! I just burnt my jam rolypoly!!

Wev: Oh man, that's gashburgers!
by Jimbo1 January 20, 2008
an exclamation said to signify an unwanted event or situation
"gashburger, i've dropped my rizla"

x- "the ex is coming over"
y- "gashburger"
by MC_Biscuits August 17, 2009
Gashburger (n) A Vagina. The shape a vagina forms whilst bent over in a doggie style position during copulation. Or alternatively, bent over in a compromising doggie style position.

Gashburger. When a woman is crouched over touching her ankles during a sexual act, her pussy takes shape of a gashburger.
"Man, this babe has a hot looking gashburger, I could do her all night"!!

"Hey Steve, this chick I bumped uglies with last night, has the tightest gashburger ever"!!
by Jason J. a.k.a Fivepack October 25, 2011